Grandma's Hero

From August 2014 to June 2015, I directed (together with Ben Ozeri) my graduation short film, Grandma's Hero, at The Animation workshop :

Synopsis :
A freshly graduated monster-slayer sets out on an epic journey to prove himself a hero. Unfortunately, his over-caring Grandma decides to join the adventure.

Making-of : 

This making of presents a few steps of making Grandma's Hero.

Content :
1. Pre-production (00:08)
2. Character Design (01:02)
3. Storyboard / animatic (01:33)
4. Animation (05:07)

All the work presented in this reel is either mine (when no name is mentionned), or has been made under the common supervision of myself and Ben Ozeri (when other artists are credited).
Watch Grandma's Hero & credit list :
Production blog :